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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Searching for that Perfect Title by Leola Ogle

Some writers struggle with coming up with a good title for their novel. We all know that when a reader picks a book the first thing they see is the cover, and then the title. They’ll usually read the blurb on the back, BUT they read the title first. How do you come up with your title?

As Christian writers we know our book or books will have a message. If not a blatant Christian message, it will have a theme running through it of morality, integrity, or clean wholesomeness. When I first started to seriously pursue writing, I determined that my novels would incorporate a Bible verse in the title, and that verse would set the theme.

Do you know the Bible is full of catchy titles? The first novel I wrote was a fictionalize story of my first marriage – it was more for healing than publication. I titled it As Waters That Pass Away based on Job 11:16.

My next novel I worked on is In An Eveningtide based on 2 Samuel 11:1, 2. It’s a modern version of King David when he’s on the roof of his home and sees Bathsheba bathing and lusts for her. I originally titled it The Roof of The King’s House, but felt I needed to shorten it. In An Eveningtide is included in the same scripture reference.

Another one is Grasping For The Wind taken from Ecclesiastes 6:9. This phrase is actually repeated several times throughout Ecclesiastes. Another novel I’m working on is A Lily Among Thorns based on Song of Solomon 2:2.

I also include the full scripture as an introduction to the novel. Are you struggling for a catchy title? Look in your Bible. I found that Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Psalm, and Ecclesiastes are rich sources. And why not include the scripture as the theme for your novel. The Bible is very poetic and flowery. Give it try! 


Leola is a 2012 Rattler Winner in the Historical Fiction category and the first place winner in the 2013 Faithwriter's Page Turner contest. Her debut novel, Like a Cedar in Lebonon is a heart-stirring read. You can catch up with Leola online at Writing With Leola.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Congratulations, Dana McNealy!

A big Christian Writers of the West shout goes out to our chapter president, Dana McNeely, who is a finalist in the Oregon Christian Writers 2013 Cascade Writing Contest with her unpublished fiction piece, titled Rain.

It's exciting to watch members of CWOW grow in their writing skills and begin placing and winning in various writing contests. It's an encouragement to us all to keep going.

Congratulations, Dana - we're so proud of you!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Congratulations, Leola Ogle!

CWOW member, Leola Ogle
took first place in the
Faithwriters Page Turner Contest! 

Yay, Leola!

Leola is the author of 

Like A Cedar in Lebanon

You can visit her online HERE